Our brands

Pasta Ameria.

Pasta Ameria is produced from specially selected high-grade flour (group B). Today Ameria is presented in many chain and non-chain stores. Products are pre-packed in packages by 400 g, 700 g and 4 kg. The range of products consists of approximately 50 SKU.

In 2008, the assortment was expanded by a new line of egg pasta under the same brand. Ameria is represented in the lower price segment. High quality products combined with an attractive price provided a wide range of consumers to this product, who appreciate pasta for their ability not to boil soft, not to stick together and keep appetizing appearance after cooking.

Pasta Federici.

Pasta under the brand name of Federici is made of durum wheat (group A) using the latest technologies for the production of pasta of the highest quality. Assortment is represented by more than twenty different formats in the packing by 500 grams and 3 kg.

In 2010 the company AMERIA started three new projects: the traditional Italian cake Milanese (new package), the traditional Italian cake Romano, tartlets Ameria and chocolate seashells Ameri.

Easter cake Milanese and Romano.

Milanese and Romano easter cake made in Kurchatov town on Ameria own production of the original Italian technology.


Tartlets Ameria.

Tartlets Ameria - a Dutch product, manufactured by order, and under Ameria own brand.

Ńhocolates Ameri.

Chocolate seashells Ameri are made in Belgium - a country that is a leader in this type of product. This product is also available under Ameria own brand.

Chocolate bars Ameri.

A new product among the chocolate bars – premium Belgian chocolate Ameri which is issued under Ameria Russ own brand will please the most exacting gourmets by its rich palette of flavoures : milk chocolate with caramel and Fleur de Sel, dark chocolate with orange and almonds and also classic milk and dark chocolate. A delicious taste, variety of types and high quality of the raw materials – these are main ingredients of Belgian chocolate which is rightly considered one of the finest specialities in the world!

All of these new items were created to offer the Russians  the highest quality products at a price, different from the west prices,but ofthe same class.