Own production

In 1996 Ameria Russ has been actively winning Russian market, selling about 18 thousand tons of imported pasta in a year. By the time appeared an idea to create the own production. Three years later in Kurchatov (Kursk region) on the base of Kurchatovsky bread-baking complex was opened Ameria Macaroni Factory located in a fully reconstructed building, equipped with the up to the minute machinery of Swiss company Bühler AG. The new factory produced Federici and Ameria pasta brands (the last accounts for 90% of production). Federici pasta is made of hard wheat while Ameria is made of soft wheat, so the past is cheaper and thus satisfy the interests of the mass customer.

Today the assortment of products, produced by the factory includes about 60 positions — approximately 30% of long pasta and the rest is short. The short-range plans of Ameria Russ include a start-up of a new own brand of pasta. The pasta will be completely new and of unique form, which is yet unknown to the market, and also it will be made using the bronze matrix, giving them a ‘sprinkled with flour’ look through which they will obtain a homemade appearance.

Now the volume of pasta produced by the factory amounts to 25 thousand tons per year, and in 2010 the factory plans to increase that figure to 34 thousand tons per year.